the story can be told to satisfy the audience. They do it on behalf of their public. Acting does not mean you pretend, it means you do it for someone else. This is the difference between making noises, which anyone can do, and  real singing which involves letting go into that which is greater, that which is about everyone else.

As singing is an entirely internal mechanism the only way it can be reached is through the mind. The process of singing is desire, imagination and feeling, the ability to transmit what you feel into the sound, and equally for the music to draw feelings out of the performer as they perform. The sound itself is not a guide, as soft tissue conductivity inside the head prevents you from hearing your voice as others hear it. Your only guide is a wonderful feeling of rightness preceded by horrible frustration. The only problem is that mankind is not all that comfortable with many of his feelings. One of the roles of theatre and music is to give expression to such feelings  so they do not destroy us by being locked inside. Those who can do this are thus highly prized.

The challenge of today is to combine the insights of science while not loosing sight of the need 'not to know', but rather to imagine and feel. The language of learning needs to be one of allowing, surrender, humility and above all, softness. The physical state of singing is intimacy, giving the audience a hug, embracing and joining with them. It is a world of trust, consent and mutual co-operation in a place beyond reason, both externally with that audience and internally with the autonomic systems of the body. Through the joining of internal and external a sense of wholeness is reached which all seek for.

The voice knows best. When we let it go it leads us to a magical world apart where we can visit experiences we didn't know we needed and feel released, refreshed. Only when we let go into the autonomic world can this happen. Free because it is beyond trying, effort or understanding. This is the goal of both audience and singer, that state where effortless action, the ease of balanced power and flowing connection is unmediated by opinion. Judgement is for others. This is  a long way from any imposing ideology or trying hard.  It is about befriending, giving up preconceived notions, about being surprised, openness and connection. All we need is inside us. The issue is to be brave enough to let it out.