Sometimes it is going so strongly that I can’t stop singing.............Pavarotti.

To impress someone, affect them. You do not affect by trying to impress........Dyne.

Anthropologists tell us that 50000 years ago in the forests of Eurasia, Neanderthals gathered together to sing. In 2010 the average teenager walks around with 1000 songs on their iPod.
No society has ever managed to exist without song. Why?  

               Was ist herrlicher als Gold? fragte der Konig
              Das Licht, antwortete die Schlange.
              Was ist erquicklicher als Licht? fragte jener
              Das Gesprach, antwortete diese.                               
                                                                                                                Goethe. Das Marchen.

This workshop will explore the gap between description and action in singing and reconsider the role of language. The language the singer himself employs to describe his experience is often that of everyday physical experience. Singers use words that describe their felt bodily state. Find your feet, stand your ground, feeling uplifted, dissolving into tears or laughter, put your back into it, hugging, open and losing your thread.  I will show how such imagery reaches  into the unconscious process and enables us to use the voice to express what we feel. It is the power of the unconscious that Pavarotti is talking about in his observation above. The image enables the unconscious to organise.

The workshop will also explore how freeing the body to move enables the singer to find the
unconscious connection and then joining with and riding the wave of his breath. One of the loudest singers ever to grace the planet, Kirsten Flagstad, is reported to have seemed to fall asleep at moments of vocal climax.  What did she know that we can learn from. Such muscular relaxation and softness provided power without strain. If we can rediscover this, we will prevent much of the vocal damage that is occurring today.  Letting go is about relaxing into power, which in the modern world often seems like a contradiction in terms. It is not.