In order to sing we must learn to connect with ourselves in a particular way. The result of this connection is that we become more open and available, both to others and to ourselves. Feelings can only be released in singing if we let go of our tension. They are expressed through a  relaxed state of co-ordination, of co-operation. They cannot be forced. We must form a relationship with something that has its own rules. Abuse them and it will stop working. Follow them and the unknown will be revealed. Unexpected sounds and feeling will emerge and make you feel alive in a way you could never have imagined. This is called the 'flow', and  is the heart  of singing. It brings life, but only when you let go of what you thought it ought to be.

Scientists are showing us systems in the human body which work beyond consciousness and which we can connect with, cooperate with rather than dominate. Singing is one of them. The language of learning must be surrender, humility and above all, softness rather than knowing and control. The physical state of the body in singing is one of intimacy, of embrace and sharing, the shape of the hug.  Through the joining of the internal and external worlds a sense of wholeness is reached for which all seek.

The voice knows best. The challenge of today is to remember that we don't have to control everything and to know that when we let go there is something else there. The autonomic systems of the body have much to teach us through feeling and imagination, have much to say, if only we can get out of the way and listen. When we let them go free they lead us to a  magical world  that brings relief and refreshment. Human beings have erected defences against feelings since time immemorial yet what is beyond control does not need to be feared.  Its language is feeling and ease without resistance. The goal of singing is that state where effortless action, the ease of balanced power and flowing connection carry us beyond opinion and judgement to the arrival of the unknown into life through performance. This is a long way from worry about doing it right or being obedient. It is about befriending, giving up preconceived notions, about being surprised, about openness and connection. All we need is inside us. The issue is to be brave enough to let it out.